Preparing the Profession

The Robot as Radiologist

Which tasks are best performed by machines, and which are best performed by humans?

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IT: From Complement to Substitute

Technologies that improve worker productivity are key drivers of economic growth. A handful of powerful general-purpose technologies have greatly accelerated the normal rate of growth.

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Adding Value Isn’t an Option Anymore

As practicing radiologists, we believe the benefits of our services are self-evident. However, there is a relative paucity of literature that clearly documents our value from the perspective of the health care practitioners who send their patients to us for our services.

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Educating Radiologists

The Radiologist’s Imitation Game

The recently released films The Imitation Game, Her, and Ex Machina have brought a philosophical quandary to the forefront of popular culture: can machines think or, at least, display behavior indistinguishable from that of a thinking human?

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Collecting and Managing Data

Big Data Management, Access, and Protection

It’s hard for a day to go by without some reminder of the explosion of big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. Although sometimes used interchangeably, these terms refer to the ability to leverage massive amounts of data to produce algorithms that enhance or substitute for human cognition or executive tasks prone to disruption by human foibles.

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ACR Registries Serve Multiple Purposes

One of the singular advantages of working in the digital age is the ability to collect data that can be aggregated and shared for multiple purposes, including improvement of the quality of care offered to our patients and improvement of our management abilities. To help accomplish these goals, the ACR has taken a leadership role in the development of data registries that support the practice of radiology.

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Integrating AI into Medical Imaging

Creation of an Open Framework for Point-of-Care Computer-Assisted Reporting and Decision Support Tools for Radiologists

Decreasing unnecessary variation in radiology reporting and producing guideline-concordant reports is fundamental to radiology’s success in value-based payment models and good for patient care. In this article, we present an open authoring system for point-of-care clinical decision support tools integrated into the radiologist reporting environment referred to as the computer-assisted reporting and decision support (CAR/DS) framework.

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