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ACR Data Science Institute Showcased at RSNA

CHICAGO — The unofficial theme of RSNA 2017 was artificial intelligence (AI). The American College of Radiology (ACR) Data Science Institute™ (DSI) was a perfect fit.

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The ACR Data Science Institute— Structures Artificial Intelligence Development to Optimize Radiology Care

RESTON — The American College of Radiology Data Science Institute™ (DSI) open source framework for developing radiology AI use cases defines standards for training, testing, validating, integrating and monitoring AI algorithms in clinical practice. Please visit the ACR Data Science Institute Booth (# 8547) in the Machine Learning Showcase (North Building, Hall A) at the 2017 Radiological Society of North American (RSNA) annual meeting.

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Tackling the Economics of Artificial Intelligence

To move AI algorithms into routine clinical practice, we’ll need fair compensation for their development. Figuring out how that will happen isn’t as simple as it seems.
By Bibb Allen, Jr. | Chief Medical Officer, ACR Data Science Institute | Apr. 19, 2018

A key ingredient in moving Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms into routine clinical practice will be ensuring our healthcare system supports fair compensation for their development. However, figuring out how that will happen may not be as simple as it might seem.

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The Brave New World of Centaur Radiologists

With the so-called centaur approach, a hybrid of radiologist plus machine will define the next phase of radiology.
By Stephen M. Humphries, PhD and Raym Geis, MD | Apr. 12, 2018

Computers are now very good at extracting meaningful information from pixel data in images. Applications of AI, such as automatic detection and recognition of faces in photos, have already become familiar in consumer products. The use of AI in medicine is taking off, and medical imaging is one of the fastest-growing application areas.

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Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere

AI has crept into all aspects of our lives, and the same will be true for radiology.
By Andy DeLaO | Patient Advocate | Mar. 20, 2018

I feel a vibration on my wrist that gently wakes me from my sleep. I roll over, touch the device on my wrist, and lay there for about five more minutes. Then I feel another vibration. I check the time on my phone. It’s 5:30 — time to get up.

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ML 101: The Radiologist's Basic Guide

From IBM's Watson to CAD, most radiologists have heard of machine learning. But do you know how this technique is already used in the field? Plus, what does the future hold? The ACR Bulletin brings you FAQs so you can be sure to have the basics down pat.

Radiology Leadership Institute Episode 108: Artificial Intelligence Part 1

Mark Michalski, MD, executive director of the Center for Clinical Data Science at Massachusetts General and Brigham Hospital, joins us as we discuss the history of AI, how it's being used today, how it might change radiology, and how radiologists can leverage this new technology to provide even more value and better patient care.

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Upcoming Events

May 19-23, 2018

American College of Radiology

Washington, DC Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD, ACR DSI Chief Science Officer, will present the keynote on DSI and AI. Read More
May 30, 2018

ACR DSI—SIIM Summit: Economics of AI in Health Care

National Harbor, MD A full day devoted to exploring the opportunities and challenges associated with integrating AI into the economics of heath care. Read More
May 31 - June 2, 2018

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine

National Harbor, MD Bibb Allen, Jr., MD, FACR, DSI Chief Medical Officer, will present on AI in health care. Read More
August 23-24, 2018

NIH AI Workshop

Silver Spring, MD More details coming soon! Read More